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Millpond Sleep Clinic Partnership

Millpond have been helping children sleep better for over 20 years. 

Rest Easy Sleep Better has partnered with Millpond Sleep Clinic to support you in your sleep needs.

At Millpond we know the impact lack of sleep can have on the whole family and are always looking for ways to help children sleep well. So we are delighted to say we have joined forces with the wonderful  “Rest Easy Sleep Better” team to highlight the benefits weighted blankets can bring and how important a good bedtime routine is for the whole family. If you or your child struggles to go to sleep and at times doesn’t look forward to bedtime, studies have shown using a weighted blanket can help them drift off to sleep more quickly, sleep more soundly and feel more rested the following day
Mandy Gurney
Founder of Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic

Sleep Expert Mandy Gurney is the director and sleep consultant of Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic

Mandy trained initially as a general nurse, then as a midwife and health visitor. She set up Millpond Childrens Sleep clinic in 2000 to help children and families with sleep issues, with its unique  focus on sleep help for babies and school aged children through to teens.

Established 20 years ago, it now has a reputation as the UK’s leading children’s sleep clinic. Millpond are a trusted sleep advisor and trainers for the NHS and provide regular national workshops to the NHS and the corporate sector for people of all ages..

Mandy, also a member of the British Sleep Society,  is a regular key note speaker and also writes for on-line parenting sites.  At the forefront of sleep, She is frequently asked to give expert comment for both national media and national newspapers on sleep related matters.

Additionally, She’s the author of Teach Your Child to Sleep (Hamlyn 2016) with new edition coming out summer 2020. 

If you would like more information on how Millpond could help you with you or your child’s sleep, please contact them directly to speak to Mandy or one of her team: 


Tel: 020 84440040

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