We believe everyone deserves a good nights sleep.

With the Rest Easy Sleep Better, we have you covered. Our lovingly made blankets can help both adults and children to relax, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality

Weighted Blankets - what are they?

A weighted blanket has been shown to stimulate deep touch pressure (DTP) just in the same way as when we receive a comforting hug.

Research has shown how lack of sleep and our busy fast-paced lives can cause our body to be in a prolonged state of “fight or flight”, putting us on permanent high alert, raising our body temperature and releasing the stress hormone cortisol – stopping us from sleeping.

DTP helps to break this vicious cycle by rousing our “rest and digest” nervous system and producing a feeling of relaxation and calm in both our mind and our body.

Calm Your Way To Better Sleep




Choose your weighted blanket

Our Weighted Blankets are designed to create a gentle pressure which can help you to relax, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality. They come in various sizes and weights.  

We recommend the blanket that you choose should weigh 10% of your body weight. See our helpful guide below.

Weighted blanket buying guide based on body weight

Now you know the perfect weight you can pick the style you want, click the icon below to be taken to our dedicated Amazon shopping page.

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Rest Easy Sleep Better

We believe everyone deserves a good nights sleep and we have the perfect product to help!


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